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UPDATE: Travel advisory for Bolivia

The UK FCO advised that all travel within and between major cities is being intermittently blocked by protestors and many major roads have been closed.

Transport options will be limited, road journeys and land border crossings may take a lot longer than planned.

Travellers should be prepared for possible disruption to flights and access to airports.

Bolivia continues to suffer massive flight cancellations and delays, with protestors against the re-election of president Evo Morales blocking roads and occupying major infrastructures for over a week, Flight Global reports.

International flights at Santa Cruz Viru Viru International Airport are operating normally, but domestic flights of Boliviana de Aviacion, Amaszonas and Ecojet continue to suffer major disruption.

Boliviana de Aviacion has cancelled flights at least until the end of the weekend, Amaszonas is running 25% of its flights and Ecojet’s flight status is unknown.

Travellers should check the status of their flight before heading to the airport.

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