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New laws in Rome 

Rome city council has updated existing legislation governing decorum in the capital, reports Wanted in Rome.

The new rules seek to curtail behaviour considered inappropriate in the city.

The measures include the permanent ban on costumed centurions operating at the Colosseum and the historic centre, severe penalties for those who jump into the city's historic fountains, and the introduction of a temporary ban on individuals from returning to the area in which they caused an offence.

The measures also include prohibiting illegal street trading, a ban on "nuisance drunks" on public transport as well as prohibiting singing or busking on the city's buses, metro and trams, a ban on "messy" eating and drinking outdoors around Rome's historic monuments - as well as taking pushchairs (strollers) or prams up and down staircases of historic interest, such as the Spanish Steps.

The rules outlaw pub crawls and promoting "skip-the-line" offers at historic sites, affixing stickers to city property, dropping cigarette butts on the ground, and attaching "love locks" to historic monuments.

There is also a ban on walking around "bare-chested", attaching your mouth to nasoni water-fountains, placing erotic material in shopfronts, the widespread practice of dog owners who fail to pick up after their dogs, even the long-held Roman custom of hanging laundry out to dry between adjacent buildings.
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