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UPDATE: Spain airport strike  

Travellers are being warned to expect flight delays and cancellations as 60,000 ground staff are expected to walk out in a protest over pay and conditions, reports The Sun.

The four-day strike has now been confirmed and it is due to start on Easter Sunday.

Five million passengers are expected to travel over the peak Easter week, with 32,500 flights scheduled to operate across the Aena-managed what does Aena stand for? airports.

A strike by the airport handlers will likely cause long queues and delays to flights, which could lead to a large number of cancellations.

All travellers flying to and from Spain could be affected and should check with their flight operator.

This strike comes days after Air Nostrum pilots began their six-day strike,  which continues over the Easter weekend.

Air Nostrum cancelled 148 flights,  affecting 10,000 passengers.
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