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Train cancellations in Spain 

A 24-hour strike by rail services has been moved forward by a week, from the initially announced April 23rd to April 17th, reports The Local.

Cancelled trains include medium and long distance routes around Spain and between neighbouring Portugal and France.

Most of the long distance and AVE trains affected correspond to lines that link Madrid with cities such as Barcelona, Seville, Malaga or Valencia.

Here is the full list of cancelled trains for Wednesday, April 17th:
Valencia Nord-Chamartín 06h20.
Chamartín-Valencia Nord 17h33.
Málaga María Zambrano-Valencia J. Sorolla 09h45.
Valencia J. Sorolla-Málaga María Zambrano 17h15.
Vigo-Guixar-Porto-Campanha 08h58.
Porto-Campanha-Vigo-Guixar 09h13.
Ourense-Vigo-Guixar 19h13.
Barcelona Sants-Valencia Nord 19h30.
Madrid P. Atocha-Sevilla S. J. 07h00.
Málaga María Zambrano-Madrid P. Atocha 08h00.
Sevilla S. J.-Madrid P. Atocha 09h40.
Sevilla S. J.-Madrid P. Atocha: 15h00.
Madrid P.Atocha-Málaga María Zambrano 07h20.
Madrid P.Atocha-Barcelona Sants 06h10.
Madrid P.Atocha-Barcelona Sants 08h00.
Barcelona Sants-Figueres-Vilafant 16h20.
Valencia J. Sorolla-Madrid P. Atocha 07h40.
San Sebastian-Hendaya 20h51.
Irún-San Sebastián 09h10.

According to Renfe, the overall impact to travel will be "minimal", although machinists do plan to strike again on Wednesday 24 April.

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