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No-show clients at Paris restaurants to pay cancellation fees

Cafés and restaurants in the French capital have opted to follow the lead of hotels and guest-houses, and start charging their customers cash penalties for late cancellation of reservations, reports eTurbonews.

Restaurants will oblige clientele to leave details of their credit cards while making reservations, with some places warning customers over a potential charge in case of a no-show.

The measure is reportedly connected to losses the restaurants have to suffer when people make several reservations for the same day and then cancel at least one of them without warning.

To tackle the problem the Tour d’Argent restaurant has reportedly imposed a cancellation fee of €100 (R1578) per head at lunchtime and €200 (R3157) for the dinner service, while the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant makes clients who book a table and cancel less than ten days before the meal, to pay €86 (R1357) per head. 

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