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Severe weather outbreak 

The second severe weather outbreak in less than a week will bring the risk of tornadoes and is expected to hit the southern United States, parts of the Midwest and Northeast from late Wednesday through Saturday, reports Accuweather.

The first storms may begin with large hail and flash flooding in parts of southern Kansas, northern Oklahoma and north-western Texas during Wednesday afternoon.

The Dallas metro area will be at greatest risk for severe weather and major travel delays from late Wednesday afternoon to Wednesday evening.

Wednesday night may bring multiple violent storms including the risk of tornadoes from Arkansas, southward to north-western Louisiana and north-eastern and central Texas.

During the day on Thursday, the risk of severe thunderstorms and the potential for isolated tornadoes will extend from southern Illinois and southwestern Indiana to near the coasts of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Friday has the potential to bring an elevated risk of severe weather, including storms with tornadoes and large hail to areas in the Carolinas.

The risk of severe storms is likely to extend farther north in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, and farther south in Georgia and the Florida Peninsula from late Friday to Friday night.
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