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Stormy weather this week

Showers and thunderstorms will hit much of northern India from Wednesday night into Friday, including New Delhi and the NCR, reports Accuweather.

Downpours and gusty winds will be the most likely threats; however, hail is once again a possibility.

Residents of the NCR should be on alert for adverse weather to start early Thursday morning, with the worst weather expected during the day on Thursday.

Other locations at risk for rain and thunderstorms on Thursday include Punjab, Haryana, eastern Rajasthan, northern Madhya Pradesh and areas in Uttar Pradesh from Lucknow westward.

There will continue to be the risk for showers and thunderstorms from Thursday night into Friday across the NCR, Uttar Pradesh and northern Madhya Pradesh.

Travellers are advised to check the status of their flights to avoid delays.

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