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Plans to increase new airport scan machines

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is committed to increasing the number of next-gen CT scanning devices at airports across the US, according to TravelMole.

The TSA is testing the 3D X-ray machines at 13 airports and initially said it would install 145 at airports.

It now expects to buy at least 200 of the machines within a year.

The CT scans can instantaneously generate dozens of images of a bag's contents from different angles compared to just two using current X-ray machines.

The new machines will also enable a quicker flow of passengers as they are not required to remove as many items from their carry-on bags.

The agency also plans to cut out manual verification of boarding passes at screening lines with the installation of new readers which can automatically scan a traveller's' passport or drivers' license.

This will be matched to a confirmed flight booking and screened against a watch list. It plans to buy nearly 300 of these new machines.
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