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Eurostar passengers face additional checks

Passengers could face queues and extra checks when taking the Eurostar from London to Paris after the UK leaves the EU as France’s state rail operator bolsters border controls, The Independent says.

SNCF this week unveiled plans to refit Paris’s Gare du Nord, stating that the redevelopment would address “the challenges of reinforced border controls due to Brexit”.

A special agreement, known as the Treaty of Le Touquet, currently allows for both countries’ passport checks to take place as passengers board the train – meaning when they arrive they can walk straight out of the station without waiting. However, the treaty’s future is uncertain, with Brexit negotiations still up in the air and calls from Paris for it to be revisited. 

Travellers could also face additional checks as the UK leaves the customs union, while the EU is also pushing forward with plans to force travellers from the UK to apply for travel authorisation in advance, including paying a fee.

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