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Children's passports to show parents’ details

As the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) speeds up its modernisation programme to a paperless system, a new change will see the printing of parents’ details on their children’s passports, according to News24.
The department's Director-General, Mkuseli Apleni says the upgrade will make a huge difference to the controversial issue of unabridged certificates.

The change will eventually see the last page of the child's passport having the details of the parents, meaning that parents will no longer be required to travel with an unabridged birth certificate.

When you apply for the passport of the child, the system will automatically go into the National Population Registry - confirming the details of the child's parents and making the process for it to be printed at the back of the passport. It also means parents or unaccompanied minors will no longer need to carry a birth certificate.

A time frame has not be given for the changes to passports.

Travellers coming into South Africa will still have to carry their children's birth certificates if the parents’ details are not printed in the child's passport. 

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