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Paris Metro drops paper tickets

The Parisian metro is to phase out its paper ticket and introduce a contactless payment method, according to euro News.

Two new travel passes are to be created after transport authorities for the French capital approved the measure in a meeting held on Wednesday.

The “Navigo Liberté+” pass, designed for people who travel regularly but not enough to warrant buying one of the already-existing weekly, monthly or yearly passes, will allow users to travel without topping up or buying tickets. It will be linked to a bank card and usage will be debited at the end of each month.

The new card, to be introduced in October 2019, will also enable users to make metro-bus or tram-metro correspondences without having to pay for two tickets, as is currently the case. Furthermore, tickets will cost the same as if they had been bought as part of a book of 10.

Single tickets cost €1.90 but a book of 10 tickets costs €14.90.

Meanwhile, the “Navigo Easy” pass, created for the occasional user, was modelled on London’s Oyster card. It will cost €2 to buy and will then have to be topped up.

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