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Etihad suspends Dhaka flights

Etihad Airways will suspend flights between Abu Dhabi and Dhaka from October 1, eTNW says.

The airline will continue to serve Dhaka through their codeshare partnership with Jet Airways via Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata. 

Etihad is offering the following options for passengers who have purchased tickets on, or before June 6 for travel on, or after October 1. 


· For partially used/fully unused tickets, re-booking, or re-routing is permitted on EY codeshare flights operated by 9W via CCU/BOM/DEL. Rebooking to be done in the lowest RBD within the same cabin using EY flights only. 
· For point to point guests only (Between DAC-AUH) rerouting on BG is also permitted. RBD to be used is K or B for guests in both cabins. 
· Date changes are also permitted if guests who are booked to travel beyond October 1 and wish to travel earlier. 
· Any date change fee, as well as fare difference arising from rerouting /rebooking, is waived for this one instance only. 
· Re-routing and endorsement onto any other airlines, other than mentioned here, will not be permitted. 

· Refund is permitted free of charge whether the ticket is wholly unutilised, or partially utilized, as long as there are travel segments on, or after  October 1 that are impacted by this cancellation. 
· Refund on partially utilised ticket must be calculated based upon pro-rata mileage flown.
· The above policy is also applicable for Group bookings.
· Guests may contact their travel agent through whom the original ticket was purchased or any Etihad office to process the refund. 
· Please ensure the PNR is updated with the remark "CW164 Invol change due DAC flight xxl”.

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