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First route of the new GO! Durban public transport system underway

Durban is preparing for the start of the first route of the new GO!Durban integrated public transport network from Pinetown’s CBD to KwaMashu’s Bridge City, News24 claims.

As part of the eThekwini Municipality’s vision to be Africa’s most caring and liveable city by 2030, this integrated network of public transport is expected to "give people access to places and opportunities in a manner never before experienced in Durban".

The first route of the service is scheduled to be operation in the latter part of 2018. 

The first route from Pinetown’s CBD to KwaMashu’s Bridge City will feature a dedicated road lane only accessed by the new state-of-the-art GO!Durban buses, running from Anderson Street in Pinetown’s CBD to Bridge City in KwaMashu utilising the provincial road MR577 (Dumisani Makhaye).

Upgrades to urban precinct nodes with new lighting, street furniture and landscaping have already taken shape along the route.
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