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First leopard in 10 years spotted in Gorongosa

A leopard has been spotted for the first time since 2008 at the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, Tourism Update says.

The male leopard was spotted on the evening of March 29, by the park’s guide, Leonardo Felix Mandevo, when, just 20 minutes from the main lodge, he shone a torch through a break in palm thickets. Tourists in the vehicle were treated to seeing the leopard casually cross the road in front of them – a sight that had not been seen for 10 years.

Gorongosa National Park is starting to see the return of many species after declines due to poaching and snaring. 

The park is at the heart of a region where the Government of Mozambique teamed with the Carr Foundation on a long-term plan to bring back to life a vast and diverse natural ecosystem, and launched the Gorongosa Project, which has recently signed strategic partnerships with landowners adjacent to the park to secure and protect key wildlife corridors and to ensure that large, connected landscapes are part of this region's future.
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