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Damaging wind, rain to delay travel

After leaving a trail of destruction from American Samoa to Tonga, Cyclone Gita will threaten northern New Zealand early next week, AccuWeather claims.

Gita is expected to be past its peak intensity and transitioned to a non-tropical storm when it barrels across New Zealand. However, travel delays are still expected.

Heavy rain and strong winds will blast the nation’s North Island and northern part of the South Island. Flash flooding, widespread tree damage, lengthy power outages and damage to some other structures may result.

The strong winds will also stir up rough seas, creating dangerous conditions for boaters.

Depending on the exact track of Gita, travel and daily routines can be significantly impacted in Auckland and Wellington. If the storm tracks far enough to the south, Christchurch may also be affected.

Travelers should prepare for major disruptions, including flight and bus cancellations. 

While some rain and localized downpours may initially spread across the North Island later this weekend, the heaviest rain and strongest winds can blast the area and the northern South Island as early as Monday night or Tuesday morning.
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