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Flooding rain to delay weekend travel

Rounds of travel-delaying rain will target Singapore and Malaysia through at least this weekend, raising the danger for flooding and mudslides, according to AccuWeather.

Eastern Malaysia will be subject to the heaviest rainfall with a total of 200-400mm into Monday. Localized amounts may approach or exceed 500mm along the eastern slopes of the southern mountains.

Downpours can be most numerous along the southeastern coast into Saturday before shifting northward for Sunday and Monday.

The risk for life-threatening flooding and mudslides will increase with each bout of heavy rain.

The risk for flooding from this tropical system will not be limited to Malaysia. Heavy rain will also stream across Singapore into the start of the weekend with a total of 75-150mm.

Travellers should anticipate flight delays, while motorists should prepare for reduced visibility and a heightened risk for hydroplaning when traveling at highway speeds.

The downpours may tend to lessen around Singapore this weekend as the system shifts northward and focuses its heaviest rain on northern Malaysia and southernmost Thailand from Sunday into Monday.
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