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Russia resumes Egyptian flights after security upgrade

Russia has resumed flights to and from Egypt, TravelMole says. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has authorised airlines to re-start commercial flights between the two countries following a two-year suspension. 

Amr El-Ezabi, director UK & Ireland for the Egyptian State Tourist Authority, said it was a clear sign of Russia's confidence in the aviation and airport security standards that Egypt has introduced. 

Russia suspended all flights to Egypt, not just Sharm el-Sheikh, immediately after the 2015 crash of a Russian Metrojet aircraft shortly after take-off.

Other countries quickly followed suit by suspending flights to Sharm, citing security concerns with the airport. 

The Egyptian government has since invested £20-million to improve airport security, working with a British aviation security firm. 

All European countries, except for the UK, have now allowed flights to resume.  
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