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Mango flight disruptions continue

Passengers have been advised that more Mango flight delays and cancellations can be expected today, October 17, as the airline's flight captains and first officers continue an ongoing wage strike.

Mango Airlines is working to make sure that each passenger reaches their destinations today. All passengers have been accommodated and they will be advised of any delays or cancellations via SMS, email or at the check-in counters. Travellers should proceed as normal to the check-in counter should they not receive prior communication.

These flights have been cancelled today but passengers will be re-accommodated onto other airlines:

• (JNB) Johannesburg to (PLZ) Port Elizabeth JE525
• (PLZ) Port Elizabeth to (JNB) Johannesburg JE534
• (JNB) Johannesburg to (PLZ) Port Elizabeth JE529
• (PLZ) Port Elizabeth to (JNB) Johannesburg JE538
• (CPT) Cape Town to (JNB) Johannesburg JE134
• (CPT) Cape Town to (HLA) Lanseria JE702
• (HLA) Lanseria to (CPT) Cape Town JE709.

The airline confirmed the following flights will be delayed and travellers should plan around the following times today:

• (HLA) Lanseria to (CPT) Cape Town JE701 will depart at 09h35
• (DUR) Durban to (HLA) Lanseria JE612 will depart at 07h35
• (HLA) Lanseria to (DUR) Durban JE615 will depart at 09h10
• (JNB) Johannesburg to (CPT) Cape Town JE123 will depart at 08h00
• (HLA) Lanseria to (DUR) Durban JE615 will depart at 09h10
• (JNB) Johannesburg to (CPT) Cape Town JE123 will depart at 08h00
• (CPT) Cape Town to (JNB) Johannesburg JE144 will depart at 10h40
• (JNB) Johannesburg to (GRJ) George JE821 will depart at 13h10
• (GRJ) George to (JNB) Johannesburg JE826 will depart at 15h40
• (JNB) Johannesburg to (CPT) Cape Town JE151 will depart at 17h30
• (CPT) Cape Town to (JNB) Johannesburg JE158 will depart at 19h20
• (CPT) Cape Town to (BFN) Bloemfontein JE408 will depart at 12h30
• (BFN) Bloemfontein to (CPT) Cape Town JE413 will depart at 14h45
• (JNB) Johannesburg to (CPT) Cape Town JE133 will depart at 12h05
• (CPT) Cape Town to (HLA) Lanseria JE712 will depart at 14h05
• (DUR) Durban to (JNB) Johannesburg JE252 will depart at 10h25
• (JNB) Johannesburg to (PLZ) Port Elizabeth JE541 will depart at 16h35
• (PLZ) Port Elizabeth to (JNB) Johannesburg JE548 will depart at 18h55
• (DUR) Durban to (CPT) Cape Town JE337 will depart at 11h20h
• (CPT) Cape Town to (JNB) Johannesburg JE166 will depart at 15h00
• (DUR) Durban to (HLA) Lanseria JE638 will depart at 17h30
• (HLA) Lanseria to (DUR) Durban JE645 will depart at 19h05
• (DUR) Durban to (CPT) Cape Town JE369 will depart at 20h00.
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