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UN lifts aviation industry red flag

The United Nations’ aviation regulator has removed Thailand from its list of countries red-flagged for safety concerns, more than two years after it was first put on the list, eTNW claims.

Thailand’s prime minister, Prayuth Chan-ocha, said: “Today is a proud day for Thailand. The fact that ICAO has lifted the red flag it once issued Thailand shows their trust in us and the international community’s faith in Thailand’s aviation industry.”

Prayuth used his executive legal powers to improve aviation safety measures after ICAO first issued its red flag. The military government also set up committees to directly address ICAO’s warning.

The US Federal Aviation Administration downgraded Thailand’s safety rating in 2015 to Category 2 and has not yet upgraded its rating. 

The downgrade signified that Thailand’s civil aviation authority was ‘deficient in one or more critical areas’, or that ‘the country lacks laws and regulations needed to oversee airlines in line with international standards’, while also barring Thai airlines from establishing new services to the United States.
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