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Tropical system to delay travel this week

A tropical depression is on track to inundate the northern Philippines late this week before strengthening and taking aim at southern China and northern Vietnam starting later this weekend, according to AccuWeather.

Regardless of its exact strength, downpours will continue to stream across northern Luzon Island through tomorrow, October 13. Minor wind damage may also result if the depression becomes a tropical storm.

While the heaviest rain soaks northern Luzon, tropical moisture circulating around the depression may enhance downpours around Manila for a time from tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. Flash flooding and significant travel disruptions could result.

The depression is expected to become a tropical storm or typhoon before moving into southern China or northern Vietnam from Sunday into Monday. Areas such as northern Vietnam into China’s Hainan Island and the Leizhou Peninsula will be at greatest risk for impacts.

Rain, wind and dangerous seas will increase along the path of the depression as it strengthens.

Anyone in northern Vietnam and far southern China are urged to continue to monitor the progress of the depression and review what preparations would need to be done if a typhoon threatens.

Flooding has already killed at least 37 people and injured another 21 in Vietnam. Another 40 people are reported missing after 17,000 homes were evacuated.
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