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Florida airports open but cancellations continue

Most commercial airports in Florida are open although hundreds of flights are still being cancelled or delayed as the state recovers from Hurricane Irma, News24 claims.

Miami International Airport said on Tuesday, September 12, that limited airline and cargo flights had resumed.

The Federal Aviation Administration says airports in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville are open. The airport in Naples on the southwest coast is closed except for emergency flights. said about 2 000 US flights scheduled for yesterday were cancelled by early afternoon, including about 500 in Miami and 400 in Orlando. Airlines are telling passengers to make sure their flight is on time before going to the airport.

Further flight cancellations are expected to day and travellers are advised to check the status of their flight in advance.

Meanwhile, the remnants of Irma forced Atlanta's international airport to cancel nearly 200 flights yesterday.

The airport remained operational, with flights taking off and landing. However, some passengers were forced to spend the night at the airport. Some delays may be experienced today as the airport deals with the backlog.
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