OR Tambo international airport is warning passengers of a 'follow-home' security issue, News24 reports.

Travellers have been warned to be vigilant as crime in and around the airport, including tailing of those leaving the airport, is cause for concern following a recent attack on a couple.

A couple from the Democratic Republic of Congo took an Uber taxi shortly after landing at OR Tambo International Airport at the weekend - only to be followed and robbed outside their hotel. The couple reportedly resisted handing over their belongings and were shot and wounded during the incident.  
The airport issued a statement today saying it is well "aware of and concerned about incidents of crime in the vicinity of the airport and against people followed to their destinations from the airport".

OR Tambo says it is working with the necessary stakeholders - South African Police Services, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department (EMPD), Customs and Excise (South African Revenue Service), Home Affairs (Immigration), the SA Civil Aviation Authority - to improve safety and security risks.