FCTG outsources ticketing

THIS year has been one of consolidation, as travel companies look to cut costs and streamline their businesses. 

Internationally, Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) is taking advantage of the cost-savings that consolidation affords, through global outsourcing of its ticketing centre to Jakarta.

FCTG outsourced its ticketing function earlier this year, with 23 of its equity countries benefiting from the cost-savings offered by the centralisation, which has enabled a 24/7 offering, says FCTG Middle East and Africa md, Andrew Stark.

“While we are still ticketing through our South African Iata number and office IDs, we have outsourced the servicing of the ticketing function to Jakarta. This has been possible as 80% of the tickets that we issue are robotic. There have been enormous cost savings in centralising this function,” he says.

Between 60% and 70% of FCTG’s AU$23 billion (R231bn) annual turnover comprises airline tickets. The volume of tickets that Jakarta processes is enormous, Stark adds.

“The transition to centralised ticketing is a big part of FCTG’s company strategy to increase automation. This enables us to offer a faster and higher level of service to our stakeholders – both clients and consultants – 24/7,” says FCTG air product leader, Tash Webb.

“Working closely with other FCTG countries, we combined resources and expertise to maximise service delivery. Hands-on training from our experts in SA allowed us to maintain the level of service our South African stakeholders enjoy,” adds Webb, who says Flight Centre South Africa barely felt the transition when ticketing switched over to Jakarta.