Clients in the driving seat

INFORMED, price-sensitive consumers are forcing retail travel brands to adapt their offering, with single-source commerce platforms that integrate multiple APIs into one point of sale for all content.

This is the message of Sure Travel ceo, Vanya Lessing, who believes B2B and B2C models are being replaced with C2B (Consumer to Business). “The consumer is driving the business model.”

Sure Travel has launched its Hotel Hub. “Our agents and customers can search for very competitive rates across many aggregators on one platform. It’s critically important that we get the best-possible price for every product we sell. Most importantly, we now have a level of control over the pricing and an opportunity to earn more income on a sale.”

She elaborates that the technology is market focused, customer-centric and information rich. “This is the first phase of the launch of the Sure Travel Connect platform, which is B2B, B2C and C2B.”

She says while the context of business has transformed, with disruptions to traditional value chains, trusted brands offering quality and value will survive and thrive.

“The industry is changing and customers are changing. There is an open global culture and the big focus is on personalisation and delivery of content more quickly and competitively,” she says.