Clarification on Nigerian law regarding meet-and-greet at airports

THERE have been a number of issues with transfers in Lagos and a lot has been to do with issues around pick-up procedures.

Caromien Louw, Global Accommodation resource manager, advises that since late 2016 to early 2017, Lagos has had a no-paging sign policy inside all airport terminals.

“Furthermore, drivers are not allowed inside the airport terminals alone with paging signs.”

Standard transfer clients need to be informed at all times that whenever they exit immigration going toward the arrivals hall, they should not expect to find any drivers, she says.

“Travellers need to exit the arrivals hall going toward the parking, which is where the drivers are allowed to stand. It helps to have the client’s number and to share the driver’s numbers with the client for ease of locating one another.”

For MOPOL (Mobile Police or Security Escort) services and VIP transfers, a different set of pick-up instructions applies, she says.

This service incorporates Protocol service, which includes meet-and-greet before the immigration section, Fast Track Immigration Assistance (on condition clients have the necessary paperwork to allow them into the country) and luggage collection before being escorted by the Protocol officer to the Commander who will be waiting outside.

“Legislation in Nigeria does not allow for civilians and armed personnel to be in the same vehicle. There will be a principle passenger vehicle that a trained Commander will drive to ferry the clients. A second principle vehicle transports the armed security team.”

She says the high level of security concerned with these services means that even the vehicle used for these services will automatically change. 

“The principle passenger vehicles will be SUVs, which come standard with security lights, first-aid kit and two-way radio, amongst other security features.” 

Should clients opt for Protocol and VIP transfer or chauffeur without the Mobile Police, the same procedures apply, she says. “The only difference is that there won’t be a security escort team.”

The procedure for identification for this service is slightly different upon arrival. The Protocol officer will be waiting before immigration to call out the client’s name, as paging signs are not allowed inside the airport.