Popular ancillary picks for corporates

AIR Mauritius offers a last-minute upgrade at the airport, allowing passengers to upgrade their seats to business class for a fee of R3 300 per person one way to Mauritius, says Carla da Silva, regional manager Southern Africa and Latin America.

“There are last-minute upgrades available on all routes, subject to availability. Emergency exit seats are also available at a cost of R600 per person, allowing more leg-room.”

UpgradeNow is the airline’s online offering that enables passengers to bid for an upgrade on their seat a few days before departure, she says. Passengers receive an automated e-mail from Air Mauritius and the bid to upgrade is available across the international network.

Matthew Patterson, vice president of Advito, says the most popular ancillaries with corporates are the typical fees you’d expect, such as inflight meals and drinks, flight changes on the day of travel, lounge access and Internet connectivity.

Kirby Gordon, head of sales and distribution at FlySafair, says priority boarding is very popular, as is pre-selected seating, particularly near the front of the aircraft where business people can secure quick boarding and disembarkation.

“Snacks are important to business travellers and then, while not strictly an ancillary service, the ability to change flights without heavy penalties is also key.”

As a full-service carrier, fares with Delta Air Lines include everything a customer needs when flying – checked baggage, meals and beverages, plus in-flight entertainment, says Bobby Bryan, commercial director – Africa.

For those looking for an improved in-flight experience, the ability for corporate passengers to purchase upgrades to Delta Comfort+ and Delta One seat upgrades post-purchase with money or miles is proving very attractive, he adds.

“This includes tickets issued under corporate travel agreements and provides the client with the ability to customise their travel for each leg of the trip. Once on board, customers can also choose to purchase additional WiFi capability above the free messaging service we offer.”