Wings on tech transformation drive

WINGS Travel Management is on a drive to deliver an elevated level of service through technology transformation, client-specific custom solutions, machine learning and data analytics.

This follows the recent acquisition of Alchimea – the company’s software developer of many years that specialises in workflow integration, process automation as well as application design and management – and the partnership to form the Wings Technology Centre of Excellence.

The Technology Centre of Excellence has developed a unique workflow module on its current platform, Travel Management Application (TMA), to enable strategic customers around the globe to benefit from custom mid-office solutions, says Wings head of technology, Nemanja Krstić.

Wings plans to market the new functionality as a solution that will enable customers to build custom workflows powered and governed by a business rule engine at a mid-office level, he adds.

“The workflow solution will be available on our global standardised platform, but should the client prefer a different approach, we’ll also cater for a SaaS (Software as a service) scenario.”

Since this requires increased levels of involvement, development and adjustment, Wings has initiated the process with key clients to assess their pain points and determine how a custom workflow module will solve their issues.

“We are already in discussions to understand the scope, specifications and size of the commitment so we can roll it out in the new year. We want to surpass travel management barriers to make it flexible so clients will be able to add any factor, rule or layer into the workflow process.”

Right now, the customisation is aimed at clients with complex travel programmes for whom the ROI will be greater than the cost of the functionality.

“At a later stage, our focus will be on seeing if we can modulise the solution into plug-and-play aspects for smaller companies,” he says.

On the back end, it will be about complying with business regulations and projecting data from  travel reports, global agreements, management fees and annual savings targets, for example, in line with business rules – and then understanding how best to adjust these factors to get better results.

Wings is focusing additional innovation in two fields, namely content aggregation and preparing the company for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, he continues.

“We are integrating with content aggregators, GDSs and other sources to offer consolidated results for land and air in one platform.”

Wings is also focusing on business intelligence, AI and data analytics to be more active in the field of robotics.

“This will enable us to develop a range of solutions and products to automate repetitive processes such as waitlist management and refund tracking. It will also broaden our horizons beyond dashboards and static reporting.”

The ultimate aim is to offer clients background intelligence and analytics so they have recommendations, outcomes and active insights into their travel programmes, says Krstić.