How tech helped CT hotel cut water costs

Last year, Travel & Meetings Buyer’s Western Cape feature had a sharp focus on Cape Town’s water crisis. This year we got in touch with Andre Turnbull, gm of Lagoon Beach Hotel and Spa, one of the largest conference hotels in Cape Town, to see what tech they are using to avoid similar chaos in the years ahead.

Lagoon Beach uses technology from Cirrus Water to pull useable water, suitable for drinking, directly out of the atmosphere. 

According to Turnbull, adopting the technology had little to do with the water crisis. “In the beginning it was about cost. It had nothing to do with the crisis we experienced; it was actually before that that I started discussing cost-saving ideas.”

He says using the technology was a better option than buying water. “When we got close to day zero, we started using the water for cooking in the hotel, not only for bottled water.”

Using the machine, Lagoon Beach can produce 500 litres a day, which it uses to fill about 500 bottles of drinking water for the hotel as well to provide water for various functions around the hotel. Turnbull says the technology saved the hotel around R500 000 in its first year and about R600 000 in its second year.


Conferencing deals

Lagoon Beach Hotel and Spa has a number of winter specials on offer for conferences – full-day (R445 per person), half-day (R395 per person) and half-day without lunch (R220 per person). These are available until the end of August.

The specials include a variety of perks, with tea/coffee on arrival, at mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and a three-course lunch chosen by Lagoon Beach head chef.

Those interested can book here

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