Billback vs billbacks -- big cost difference

The traditional billback method continues to work as a payment solution in this market, but it is costly and inefficient in that travel agents only bill clients in arrears, sometimes two to three months later.

This is according to Martin Heyman, md of Billback, an automated billing and workflow solution. “Using an automated system, you enjoy the advantages of the traditional billback system without the delays or costs. Automated systems reduce the traditional billback charge by a minimum of 75% with the added advantages of 24- to 48-hour turnaround times,” says Heyman.

He says Billback is one of many solutions where control of expenses is handed back to the corporate.

The system helps prevent issues such as double paying of invoices (intentionally or mistakenly) since document numbers are tracked and can’t be uploaded twice, as well as overpaying invoices because invoices are matched and verified to vouchers with variances investigated. Expense account misuse is flagged because the system allocates the correct charges to the correct expense line item, he says.

Billback is mapped to any client’s ERP to interface directly to the correct expense and updates with the relevant documentation attached or filed.

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