FlySafair portal simplifies SME payments

THE new portal, which aims to facilitate and simplify bookings from SMEs, is already live and accessible, says Kirby Gordon, head of Sales and Distribution.

All that companies need to do is apply for their credentials and FlySafair will set them up with a basic account. “If you’re interested in a credit limit, reach out to us and we can discuss what works best for you. Many clients prefer to use their cards while others enjoy the invoice solution,” he says.

In Gordon’s opinion, the best way to operate is on invoice. “If you run a small business and do, say, R15 000 worth of travel a week, then we can offer you a R15 000 credit limit by securing a trading deposit (fully refundable) of R5 000. We can keep this security deposit lower by doing more frequent invoicing intervals (down to weekly).”

In this way, corporates use a username and password to log in to their account and complete their transactions, charging them to the account.

“There is also a solution that allows corporates to lodge a card with us that we can whitelist on their request. This means we will not apply the 3D Secure checks to the card as a convenience,” says Gordon.

Corporates can also use virtual cards, payment by Secure Instant Deposit (SID), or retail solutions.

When it comes to fraud, the story is usually the same, says Gordon. “A person’s card was compromised somehow and the perpetrator books air tickets. Usually we interject, using algorithms and processes, but occasionally we don’t and charges are reversed. The criminal cases need to be opened by the actual victim. Every now and then we get subpoenas to give over details of the individuals to law enforcement.”

That said, Gordon says FlySafair records very low levels of fraud through its transactions. “We use the best possible technology to scrub it out and we’ve been very pleased with the results.”

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