Don’t forget to get employees home safely

Year-end company celebrations seem to be synonymous with free-flowing alcohol – which raises the question, have you thought about how your employees will make their way back home after the event?

The industry is split on whether local companies are taking the issue of responsible post-party driving as seriously as they should be. According to Fanie van Zyl, md of SA Coach Charters, “There is a definite drive towards responsible travel from employers”, evidenced by the increase in requests for transport for year-end functions and special events. 

On the other hand, Evelyn Patrick, operations manager for Snappy Coach Hire, says she has found the opposite to be true. “I think there are still a huge number of people drinking and driving. Companies who offer alcohol should offer transport, but I do think it’s also the employee’s responsibility and they tend to be very blasé about this. All round, there is a disrespect for drinking and driving rules. That said, I have a few large corporates who have organised transport for their employees.” 

For companies that take employee safety seriously there are a range of options on offer for pre-arranged transport. Van Zyl says: “We utilise the standard touring and corporate coaches, which are at the top end of the range. Only when budgets may be an issue will we revert to quality semi-luxury coaches, especially for short routes. 

Snappy Coach Hire is offering door-to-door drop offs, and its vehicles are fitted with PA systems, DVDs and USBs, so companies can bring their own music along for a festive vibe. “Snappy Coach also offers a party bus – a double-decker with music facilities as well,” says Patrick. 

SA Coach Charters is currently offering a 15% discount on bookings that start late afternoon or evening – as the same coaches can still be utilised in the morning for other transfers.