Survey results: The worst African country for flights and visas is…

The results of our Travel in Africa survey are in and there are some clear trends when it comes to the worst countries when it comes to flight connectivity, visas and other issues. On the flipside, there are several destinations that are showing great progress – see the summary of the survey findings below: 

  • The worst African country for visas was Nigeria, with more than half of respondents naming it as the most difficult of all. Far behind, but also getting a mention were DRC, Angola, Ghana and Morocco. 
  • Once again, the country that gave respondents the biggest headaches in terms of flight availability and affordability was Nigeria, followed by DRC, Ghana and then Zimbabwe. 
  • The African country that has shown the most improved infrastructure was Botswana, followed by Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique and Kenya. 
  • When booking travel info Africa, 89% of respondents said safety was their number one concern. 
  • Pricing continues to be a major issue, with 52% stating that it remains a major concern. 
  • On a positive note, 72% of respondents said overall, travel payments were getting easier in Africa.

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