4 tech solutions we’re still on the fence about

From robotic check-in assistants at hotels to larger-than-they-should-be pillows that mimic sleeping next to a human, we’ve rounded up a few of the more unusual technology solutions in the travel world.

Sleepless nights away from loved ones may be a thing of the past if the people behind Somnox have their way. Developed to improve sleep by mimicking the sensation of sleeping next to a human being, Somnox sleep robots, which look like kidney-shaped pillows, may be available at your corporate’s hotel in the near future.  

If your corporates are heading to Japan, why not send them to the Henn na hotel? At check-in, travellers can choose to be helped by either an eerie robot woman that only speaks Japanese, or the much more sensible dinosaur robot that does its best to speak English. Check-in is completed with facial recognition, after which a baggage carrier robot will lead the traveller to their room. You can see more on BBC Click’s YouTube channel.

Corporates who find themselves in London but would prefer to spend their lunch break in Dubai, can try out Zip Now London’s new experience. Riders put on a virtual reality headset and experience 360-degree views seen from the Jebel Jais Flight zipline in Ras Al Khaimah, 45 minutes from the city of Dubai.  

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is planning to launch Car-E, a blue robot that will carry a travellers bags through the airport, while leading them to their boarding gate. While the airline has yet to confirm details, brandchannel has reported that travellers will not need to know Dutch, or any other language, as the robot is non-verbal. Car-e will communicate with a variety of ‘familiar non-verbal sounds’ when interacting with travellers. 

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