‘Be transparent or be blacklisted’, warns government

It’s been nearly two years since the initial roll out of National Treasury’s “new” travel policy for all departments, and government continues to warn TMCs and suppliers that they need to be transparent, or risk losing business.

Speaking as part of a panel at a recent GBTA workshop in Sandton, Nancy Letlape, travel manager for National Treasury, said her department has been reaping the rewards of the policy. “We’ve seen huge savings and we’re monitoring our progress monthly with records.” At the same time, she says Treasury has been vocal in communicating to TMCs that they need to be transparent when it comes to commissions earned. “Should it be found and proven that commissions are paid, then those monies must be paid back to the department.

Letlape continued to provide an example of a supplier was claiming it was providing government with nett rates, but was in fact overriding the rates provided to Treasury. “We picked it up, and they now owe us R74 000. We just want transparency – that’s it. TMCs can go to town with their management fee – they can even charge for sending a SMS. We are giving them the opportunity to charge and be transparent unlike hidden costs that are swept under the carpet.” 

While taking questions from the floor, another government stakeholder stated that he was about to take action against a TMC which had been caught earning commissions without declaring them. He stated that this action would include the blacklisting of the TMC. 

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