How to avoid car-rental queues and other delays

Compared with many of the ground transport services on offer, car rental is considered by many to be the most cumbersome due to paperwork, queues, credit card validation and so on. But, car-rental companies are embracing technology to reduce the hassle.


First Car Rental, for example, offers corporates a Show&Go Corporate Checkout via their mobile phones at all major airports.


To remain relevant and competitive, Lance Smith, executive: sales at Avis Southern Africa, says Avis is constantly enhancing the car-rental experience through innovation and technology. “We have led innovation for many years in making car rental easier for our customers with our global preferred service programme.


“This service has been significantly enhanced with the launch of our preferred loyalty app, rental apps, in-store tablets for digital rental agreement completion, Avis Now for bypassing the rental kiosk, the ability to change your allocated vehicle on your phone and open that vehicle with your phone.


Martin Lydall, chief commercial officer of Europcar SA, says due to more competitors in the market, Europcar ensures the ease of booking and renting, price points and value propositions remain attractive to customers. “We not only pay attention to existing competitive solutions but also emerging technologies, both domestically and internationally.”


Europcar’s Ready Service counter offers re-loaded customers an express check-out process that requires no paperwork and comes with a service promise of keys in hand in under 30 seconds. “We have platform agnostic Internet booking that customers can access on any device at any time, mobile apps, e-vouchers, pre-checkout data collection via Ready-2-Go and a system that records customers details so that it is not necessary to recapture details on every rental check-out,” he adds. 

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