Does your company actually care?

When you’re sitting within the bricks and mortar of an office building, it’s easy to tell if your company cares about you. Your laptop is supplied, the air-conditioning is regulated, coffee on demand, salary on time. But what about during business travel? Are travellers out of sight, out of mind? Or is your company there for employees, no matter where they might be? Travel & Meetings Buyer spoke to some frequent business travellers across various sectors who shared their sentiments on the topic.

An executive in the insurance industry says that he definitely feels that his company cares. “The company has an internal security expert who vets travel, and advises accordingly. The company will also arrange a security escort if need be.”

But not all frequent travellers felt quite as supported by their company. An executive in the engineering sector says: “I don’t feel that they care especially. Travel risks are not communicated at all, let alone efficiently. We are expected to manage all travel ourselves, with little or no support. I don’t know what would happen in an emergency – and I don’t think they do either.”

A professional in the mining sector was of a similar opinion that his company was rather complacent about its travellers, and that they didn’t receive any special training for dangerous environments or even much information on difficult markets. “Perhaps it is because we are travelling so frequently that we’ve become complacent about it. They’re just happy to see that we got on the plane on time.”

Duane Dell’Oca, a freelance sports commentator, gives a different take on matters. “I’ve been fairly lucky in this regard. All the companies that I’ve contracted to are very different in terms of travel and logistics. Most give you a budget but not much of a travel advisory. The events I commentate at all have excellent security, so there is never much risk there. The ‘travel risk’ I might run is therefore no different to what it would be at home.” 

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