Don’t waste valuable transfer time!

One of the most commonly overlooked opportunities to engage with a ‘captive’ audience and set the tone for your conference is during the coach transfer to the venue.

Evelyn Patrick, operations manager at Snappy Coach Hire, says most of today’s luxury coaches come equipped with AV technology and, with a busload of delegates looking to while away the time, conference organisers can get a creative start on the experience from the moment their guests step on board.

She points out that often companies have promotional videos on which they have spent a great deal of money to produce. Instead of showing these upon arrival at the conference where delegates may be easily distracted, organisers can instead play the video during the shuttle ride to the conference.

Patrick provides the example of a client who recently hired a luxury coach to transfer potential investors to various project sites across the city. “The client requested that a DVD be played in between the stops on the tour,” she says.

The experience was also taken to the next level of luxury by hiring service staff to provide the guests with canapés and Champagne while on the coach. “This provided the investors with a mobile experience of the company as they travelled from site to site,” says Patrick.

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