LUX* launches new activities

LUX* Resorts & Hotels has launched a number of new resort features and experiences as part of its Reasons To Go LUX* campaign.

For guests wanting to learn more about photography, LUX* has entered into a partnership with photographer, Michael Freeman, to create a PhotoInspire booklet and workshops, so that guests can learn how to create the perfect holiday shots using a smartphone, traditional camera or SLR. At any LUX* resort in Mauritius, Réunion or the Maldives, guests can hire the latest photographic equipment and transform their photos into photobooks, calendars or printed gifts. In every guest room, LUX* provides a PhotoFinder – a guide to locate the best spots to capture the best views, unique to each island.

It has also introduced the new Junkart Studio and Gallery, where guests can participate in art classes and workshops, learning how to make crafts from up-cycled materials.

Another new activity for 2017 are expert-led workshops, ranging from yoga retreats to wine tasting and cooking classes. Professionals from all over the world will be hosted by LUX* to offer their experience in a variety of exciting activities for a short period. The full calendar is available on the LUX* website.

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