TIC brings insurance to travellers' fingertips

Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC) has launched its app, which can be downloaded by travellers to their smartphone or tablet.

“This is an assistance app – not transactional,” says Simmy Micheli, sales and marketing manager. “It is for the traveller to download, so that when they get into trouble, they can get in touch with TIC without troubling the travel agent in the middle of the night.”

The app has a chat feature that travellers can access 24/7, putting them in touch with TIC’s assistance company in emergency. “If the GPS on the phone is switched on, the chat feature also supplies the assistance company with the traveller’s exact location,” says Simmy.

Travellers can also submit their claims straight away. A list of the information required for a submission is accessible through the app. Travellers can take photos of receipts, police and airline reports and other important documents and send these attachments through to TIC. “The submission will be acknowledged, and TIC will update the traveller on the progress of the claim.”

TIC’s policy and schedule of benefits are now also instantly accessible via the app. “Travellers will no longer need to search through emails to find their policy, and there is no need to print out your policy documentation,” she says.

Travellers can also email an insurance letter for visa applications to an embassy from the app.