Germany to increase air tax

Germany will raise levies on all flight tickets from next year, reports Bloomberg.

According to a draft bill, the government is attempting to cut CO2 output from aircraft.

German aviation tax is already included in airfare prices and currently charges per passenger at the following rates:

  • Domestic & Europe: €7,50 (R125)
  • Medium-haul: €23,43 (R389)
  • Long-haul: €42,18. (R700)


Beginning 2020, the following increased rates will take effect:

  • Domestic and Europe: €10,43 (R173)
  • Medium-haul: €32,57 (R541)
  • Long-haul: €58,63 (R973)


Also in the draft bill, in an effort to persuade travellers to use less-polluting forms of transport, Germany will also halve the 19% VAT rate on tickets at its national rail company, Deutsche Bahn AG, passing the savings to travellers.