Sandton Convention Centre goes eco-friendly

The Sandton Convention Centre is reducing its carbon footprint through sustainability efforts.

Some of the initiatives undertaken by the centre include using environmentally friendly dry-cleaning materials, ensuring that air-conditioners and chillers switch off at certain temperatures, using automated water control sensors and switching off escalators when not in use. When furniture and furnishings are replaced, the discarded items are donated to under-privileged crèches and schools.

There is a recycling station on site and a specialist outsourced waste company collects and manages the waste.

Some of the practices put into place in the kitchens of the venue include:

  • Buying only locally sourced ingredients and seasonal ingredients.
  • Avoiding over-catering on buffets.
  • Producing a single menu for daily conference delegates to reduce wastage.
  • Oil is removed by an oil management partner, and palm oil purchasing is stopped.
  • Only biodegradable packaging material is used, and no plastic straws are used.
  • PVC strip curtains are used in cold rooms to minimise cold air loss.
  • Water provided to delegates will now be served in glass bottles.