Ride-hailing app targets corporates

Bolt, the transportation app formerly known as Taxify, now operates in 12 South African cities and has launched Bolt for Business, enabling companies to manage and pay for corporate trips via a single portal.

Bolt for Business gives companies the ability to offer employee groups, clients and recruits the option to utilise the Bolt service at the company’s expense, and  lets account managers  set and customise spending allowances and the number of trips employees can take.

“We have launched Bolt for Business after noticing that a growing number of Bolt trips are taken for business purposes during working hours, whether it’s commuting to work, rushing to client meetings or getting to the airport,” said Gareth Taylor, Country Manager for Bolt South Africa.

The digitised travel management solution, available on desktop and mobile, aims to save businesses time and money by storing all the information about their employees’ corporate Bolt trips on a single dashboard. Instead of reimbursing individual employees, companies can pay Bolt once a month via a bank transfer.

Additional functionalities such as adding restrictions to specific times and locations for taking trips, as well as a prepaid payment method, will be added to Bolt for Business later this year.