SAA warns of strike threat

South African Airways has warned that recent comments made by the South African Airways Pilots’ Association (SAAPA) will hurt the airline and cause market instability.

In a statement released by the airline, it expresses disappointment about comments made by SAAPA on the appointment of acting ceo, Zukisa Ramasia, and warns that such comments create market anxiety around leadership instability, and position SAA and its employees as the ‘ultimate victim’.

SAAPA said on June 17 that Zukisa did not have the appropriate experience to steer the carrier and threatened to down tools, as reported by TimesLive.

SAA has called on SAAPA to reconsider its stance and urges other labour unions to participate in constructive engagements.

The airline also defends the appointment of Zukisa as interim ceo, calling her the most experienced executive at the airline and that SAAPA has not allowed her reasonable space to perform her duties after only assuming the role on Monday, June 10.

The airline warns that the aviation industry is “extremely sensitive to negative sentiment, especially around business continuity”.