Airlines enforce Iata resolution

Alitalia, Air France and KLM have released statements about the implementation of Iata Resolution 830d, reminding agents to abide by it.

The resolution requires agents to encourage clients to provide contact details to airlines for the purposes of contact in the event of an operational disruption.

The business process, administrative complexity, and how the interface for each company will work depends on the company’s own strategy and how they decide to implement this process into their product and services, says Perry Flint, Iata spokesperson.

Flint says some travel agents may decide to offer customers the option to provide a one-time consent for all their trips (with the ability to revise this at any time). Others may decide to ask their customers whether they wish to provide contact information on a per trip basis.

Travel agents are now required to:

· Actively ask each customer if they wish to have their contact details (mobile number and/or e-mail) provided to airlines participating in the itinerary.

· If the customer is willing to provide this information, the agent must enter this using the SSR CTCE (email) and SSR CTCM (mobile phone number with the country code) element for each customer in the PNR (individual and group).

· If the customer does not wish to share this information, the agent must actively advise the customer that they may not receive information from the airline relating to irregular operations and schedule changes.

Paragraph 4 of Iata Resolution 830d was amended, effective from June.