Heathrow connections to get easier

Star Alliance has added Heathrow to the list of airports that offer its Connection Service initiative.

Airport staff will use software to monitor passengers’ transfer windows and will take steps to ensure the customer reaches their connecting flight.

According to Star Alliance, the software will help staff see when passengers and their checked bags are in danger of missing their onward flight and allows them to consider the options available to help the customers make their connection, including personally escorting them to their next departure gate.

Agents can also take the decision to book delayed customers on to alternative travel options before the inbound flight lands.

The new service adds to Star Alliance’s enhanced transfer experience at its Heathrow Terminal 2 hub, and allows passengers whose flights arrive and depart from the terminal to pass through security within the same concourse to save time transferring between services.

The Star Alliance Connection Service launched at Chicago O’Hare in 2017, and has subsequently rolled out to airports including Frankfurt, Houston, Munich, Newark and Toronto.