Automate your check-in with 1Checkin

The 1Checkin app automatically checks in passengers, manages upcoming flights, tracks flights and lets users choose seats, all on one interface.

1Checkin works for every airline that offers passengers online check-in, with a service that covers all major routes worldwide, according to the company’s website.

As soon as a user's flight is booked, the passenger can forward their booking confirmation to flights@1check-in. The flight and passenger data will be extracted automatically, and displayed as an upcoming flight. Users will be able to see the date and time of when their check-in is scheduled.

When the using the app for the first time, based on the information being forwarded, a passenger profile is created, which the user can complete with relevant travel information such as passport details or frequent flyer programme numbers.

For frequent flyers, 1Checkin gives flight updates on terminals, departure gates and flight delays. Users can also look for seat upgrades and purchase better seats without having to go to the airline’s website. Frequent flyers can also request information about luggage allowance, purchase an additional bag, order special meals, or check options for class upgrades.

1Checkin replaces many different check-in interfaces and airline apps and combines them into one single app. For business travellers who have more than one flight a week, all boarding passes can be downloaded within one single app, or users can decide to receive boarding passes via email.

The 1Checkin app is available to download through Google Play and Apple App Store.

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