BA creates centenary whisky for 2031

British Airways has created a limited-edition whisky with Scottish distiller, InchDairnie, to be served in 2031.

To mark World Whisky Day on May 18, the two brands have partnered to start the 12-year process of creating a limited-edition pour for the airline’s centenary.

British Airways joined the distillers at the Fife-based distillery to mix malted barley, water and yeast before distilling and pouring it into an American oak cask once used to mature bourbon. The cask heads are from a red wine cask, made from French oak, in a tribute to the first flight operated by Aircraft Transport &Travel Ltd, the forerunner of today’s British Airways, which flew to Paris in 1919.  The American oak is a nod to British Airways, as the airline now makes up to 30 journeys across the Atlantic every day.

Over 12 years the spirit will mature, drawing out vanilla and coconut flavours and a dark colour from the cask, before ageing to create a malty, fruity, Scotch whisky designed to work at altitude. The cask-aged spirit will then be decanted into 300 limited-edition bottles that will be served exclusively on British Airways flights in 2031.

The centenary editions come as British Airways is investing £6,5bn (R119bn) to improve its customer experience over the next five years, including new aircraft, a new business-class seat, new cabins, new catering, new lounges, WiFi, and new routes.

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