Google combines its travel services

Google has combined its travel-related products – the mobile Google Trips app, Google Flights, Google Hotels search, and more under a singular landing page called Trips.

Trips allows users to plan their travel by searching a destination to find options for flights, hotels, travel guides or vacation packages. Travellers can use Trips to see booking receipts, to outline an itinerary, confirmation codes and travel information and present them alongside weather reports on travel dates.

As travellers plan their trip, recent searches, saved places and flights they are tracking are added automatically to their Trips when they are signed into their Google Account. Trips also offers travel articles and a ‘find out more’ section that suggests day plans, popular restaurants, hotels and events happening around the client’s dates.

In the next few months, reservations for hotels and restaurants will be accessible in Google Maps too. Additionally, if flight prices are tracked on a Google search, the Trips page will also display updates for any changes that occur.

Trips is available on smartphones or desktops and can be accessed at