SAA automates ADMs

SAA has appointed Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a new service provider to manage all its sales and direct refunds. Effective May 1, the airline also plans to automate audit process for a number of violations. These include:

  • No-show audit for exchanges and refunds
  • 72-hour rule (this rule requires agents to reissue their changes within 72 hours of making changes in a booking or before the scheduled flight departs)
  • All SAA-approved EMD codes
  • All planned and involuntary schedule change scenarios
  • Booking (PNR) audit
  • Revalidation audit

SAA says the contact information for any disputes arising from ADMs issued by TCS will be communicated on the ADM’s contact information.

Fares administrator for the eTravel group, Albert Visser, says SAA is following a general airline trend of automating processes to pick up ADM violations. He says eTravel constantly advises its ITCs not to take shortcuts and to follow airline rules to the ‘T’. As a result, Albert says eTravel’s ADMs are manageable.

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