Boeing software update coming soon

In an open letter, Boeing CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, says a software update for the B737 MAX, the aircraft involved in both the Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 and Lion Air flight 610 crashes, will be released soon.

“This is an ongoing and relentless commitment to make safe airplanes even safer. Soon we'll release a software update and related pilot training for the 737 MAX that will address concerns discovered in the aftermath of the Lion Air Flight 610 accident,” he said. According to Muilenburg, Boeing is working in full co-operation with the US Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation, and National Transportation Safety Board on all issues related to both incidents.

Muilenburg went on to say that, based on facts from the Lion Air accident as well as data coming out from the investigation into the Ethiopian Airlines accident, Boeing is taking actions to ensure the safety of the 737 MAX. “Work is progressing thoroughly and rapidly to learn more about the Ethiopian Airlines accident and understand the information from the airplane's cockpit voice and flight data recorders,” he said, adding that Boeing’s team is on-site with investigators to support the investigation, and provide technical expertise.


“The tragic losses of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 and Lion Air Flight 610 affect us all, uniting people and nations in shared grief for all those in mourning. Our hearts are heavy, and we continue to extend our deepest sympathies to the loved ones of the passengers and crew on board,” he said. Muilenburg also expressed his regret for the challenges customers are facing as a result of the fleet’s grounding.

According to Muilenburg, the release of additional details will be determined by the Ethiopia Accident Investigation Bureau.

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